Clive Chandler And His Puppets

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Schools Workshops

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School Puppet Making Workshops


Through our workshops we offer inspirational opportunities for puppet construction and related story making activities

We can also demonstrate a wide range of puppet styles from our substantial collection
Clive Chandler is an experienced artworker and where appropriate can deliver complex projects over a number of days, and if required can provide and co-ordinate supporting artists such as  musicians and dancers


Paper Puppets

By cutting rolling and sticking brightly coloured paper, everybody can experience the joy of making their very own talking puppet
(paper puppets are based on an original design by Jim Morris)


Shadow Stories

Simple techniques allow everyone to make shadow puppets and use then to tell exciting stories of their own devising.  An excellent activity where developing speaking and listening are a priority. 

Clive Chandler delivers the workshops and provides all the equipment and materials right down to scissors and pencils. You will not need to prepare or provide anything. On most occassions he works with the ever popular Jim Duncombe, his regular co-worker and when needed can call upon a team of talented support artists(dancers musicians etc)

Making a Sad Spider

Nursery making fish with Jim

Purveyors of fine puppetry to the known world