Clive Chandler And His Puppets

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School Charges

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For the total cost please look at:

The size of show  - Big or Small
The number of shows

Correct 2019

Big Shows
Pinocchio/Snow Queen/Jack and The Beanstalk/Hansel and Gretel
Perfect for the school hall
One Performance (for up to 150)
Two performances (in half a day)
Note: the second performance is half price

Plus travel

see below

Small Shows
Pinocchio/Snow Queen/Jack and The Beanstalk/Hansel and Gretel
Can be performed in a classroom or Nursery area, or the hall if preferred
Per performance (to a class sized group - max 40)

Two performances in half a day (each to maximum of 40)


Per performance for a group 40 - 60


Punch & Judy
Featuring Juggling, Plate Spinning, Marionettes and a mechanical organ.
One performance (for up to 150 children)

Two Performances (each for up to 150)
Note: the second show is half price


Seaside Special
The full show at a lower price - for those doing topic work with smaller groups
One performance
For one or two classes (up to 60)


Seaside Special Plus
For up to 3 classes, 90 children


Shadow Play/Paper Puppets

Half Day


 Full Day

Materials and preparation per class


Within Birmingham
Neighbouring Authorities (more info)
Further afield (in Midlands) (more info)
Outside the Midlands Area (more info)
Show a print version

All the above charges are subject to VAT

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