Clive Chandler And His Puppets

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Big Shows for Schools

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Big Shows
 glove puppets
in a charming theatre
with sound and lighting

For the school hall
and audiences of up to 150 
Reception to Yr6

Running time:         45 mins
Setting up time:      45 mins
Taking down time:  30 mins


Following the grain of the classic story in which a little puppet boy is created and then struggles through difficulties to do the right thing


In which we appreciate that the warmth of those who care is stronger than the coldness of those who do not


Jack and The Beanstalk
A traditional story with an original twist, in which Jack solves a giant problem and demonstrates that sometimes it is a good idea to have your head in the clouds



Hansel and Gretel
Despite poor parenting, two clever children work together to send their troubles up in a puff smoke


Punch and Judy

much mirth and mayhem

Professor' Clive Chandler is recognised as one of England's leading performers of Punch & Judy. He presents the age-old drama in the context of the modern day and demonstrates the strength of a living traditon that stretches back more than 300 years.

Clive has performed Punch and Judy as part of the educational tours at the Museum of Cannock Chase for more than ten years. He finds himself much in demand where schools are looking at The Seaside, The Victorians, or Entertaiments and Toys of the Past.

His school shows feature a variety of marionettes, juggling and a mechanical organ as well as the usual cast of characters and the authentic voice of Mr Punch

With suprise visits from Dog Toby and Sally the Seagull

"On behalf of all the children in year 1/2 and the staff, I would really like to thank you for a wonderful afternoon".

J Smith
Elmore Green Primary,Walsall
Punch and Judy, July 2011

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Purveyors of fine puppetry to the known world