Clive Chandler And His Puppets

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Frequently Asked Questions (Schools)

When are you available?
Every day of the school year.  

How much does it cost?
A list of fees including travel is available here

How do we make a booking?
Contact me by  email or text, or phone. Here are my contact details 

Once we have agreed a details, I will send my ‘confirmation of booking’.

What is the difference between a 'big show' and a 'small show'

Big shows are designed to play to a hall for of children (up to 150). 
Small Shows are designed to play to a class-sized group in a classroom space (or in the hall).

If you have a nursery group, a small show will be the show for you. 

If you have more than one class of children and they are Year 1 or older than you will definately want the big show.

If you are booking a show for a Reception class you will want a small show.  If you are booking for more than one reception class you can choose between one big show or several small shows.  That depends on the type of experience you want

Although usually for a single class , it is possible to perform the small show for up to 60 children at a time, if required.  This happens frequently when working in Foundation, where a reception class may be combined with morning or afternoon nursery.

Do you
have a current DBS check?

DBS checks are not required for visiting puppet shows and asking for a check where not required is against the law.

Will you need a deposit?

How do we pay?
Through your normal system. I will send an invoice (terms of 28 days.) Most schools pay by Bank Transfer (BACS) Cheque is also fine.

Can we pay in cash?
Of course. Where the money has been directly collected from Children/Parents, I have been asked this .

If we book a lot of shows or workshops are there discounts?
Yes.  I put all my fees clearly on this website (here). It is not possible to list every variation, but I do discount for blocks of work. 

Does the fact that you are VAT registered mean that you are more expensive ?

No. T
he invoice you receive will include VAT as applicable . The vast majority of schools (with the exception of some private schools) will simply claim the VAT element back.

There are certain circumstances where VAT may not be applicable.

Note: If you have a VAT invoice from me it is in your own interests to pay from an account on which you can claim the VAT back. This is often not the case with PTA or 'Friends of' funds.

What do you need when you arrive?
A welcoming smile and parking with the best access to the performance space. 

What do you need for the show?

I am self-contained in terms of lighting and sound. Blackout is useful but not required.

I  do require the attention of the staff who are in the space during a performance. Please do not bring other work into the space such as cutting or sticking , or marking. It is good for the children to see that everybody is respecting the performance
. I regard it as a absolute condition of the booking that there is a single activity in the space and that is watching the puppet show

For workshops I bring all materials tools and equipment.  All we need is a space with tables.

What are the best times for shows?
I work to standard times, but can be flexible. .
Standard times: 9.30 –10.15,10.30 – 11.15 and 1.30 – 2.15. 2.30 – 3.15

Shows last 45 minutes

My flexibility may be limited by the travelling time to or from another booking

How long does it take you to set up and pack away?

For big shows I need 45 minutes to set up, and 30 mins to get clear of the space.
Small shows require hardly any setting up time but I arrive 30 mins in advance to avoid any sense of last minute panic.

I am used to the the hall being used for dinners, and this doesn't usually present a problem.  The hall does not have to be completely clear for me to start setting up.

Do you need much space?
For big shows I only need an area the size of a parking space.

The small show can be performed in a classroom or nursery area, (This is usually preferable to being in the hall). It takes up about the same space as small desk.

Can you perform outside?
Yes, but only with Punch and Judy. In my experience the children are usually more focussed when they are inside.

Can the children handle the puppets?
Yes, if you have booked a demonstration/workshop.  I also usually involve children in getting close to puppets as part of my Punch and Judy performances.  For the other shows it is not usually appropriate. I am always happen for blind or partially sighted children to handle puppets.  If you are studying puppets, perhaps we can find time for a few questions and a bit of showing of figures.

Can the children ask questions?
Of course - if we have time. 
Why do you charge for travel?
Travel forms a significant part of my costs.  I charge a flat fee according to authority as this makes it easier to be clear up front.  Travel fees are all listed here.

Can we book you for our school fete?
Yes. My fees for weekend events are different from my school fees. Full details on the website

Do you work in Special Schools?
Yes.  Over the years I have worked in many special schools.

Do you offer Workshops?
Yes. Paper Puppets and Shadow Stories are my usual ones. When I come in to do workshops, I can bring in a range of puppets to look at. 

I have a great deal of experience in delivery extended workshops over several days or weeks .

With paper puppets I often do 'Pirates'. Shdow workshops can be themed to suit project work - e.g. Fire of London, Greeks, Romans.

How long is a workshop?
The shortest workshop that makes sense is half a day with one class.  A whole day with a class is usual for me.  This works well with Paper Puppets.  Sometimes I do shadow puppets over a number of days which include a performance by the children.  Sometimes we make shadow puppets and stories and then make a short film of our performance.  This can work very well with topic work - for example The Great Fire of London.

It is possible to do workshops and performance on the same day

Do you give talks alongside your performances?
I try to avoid talking and just get on with doing them. You are paying me to demonstrate my professional skills as a peformer.  When I do Punch and Judy I do place it in context and include a bit of explanation.

The best way is for me to take questions. If you are interested in this please arrange in advance so that we can allow time. 

I do have an extensive range of puppets and can include a demonstration of these as part of my workshop activities.
Do you mind if we take photos or video your performance?

No problem. All I ask it that you do this sensitively. Please don't video long sections of shows, but just short clips. I have a range of images that you can download in the gallery section of my website. I am more than happy for you to use andy images on this site for these for you display work (just right click and save).

Why are your more expensive than some other performers?
There are a limited number of full time professionals working in schools. The best of us tend to have very similar feesIf you find someone quoting fees significantly below the going rate, you should be questioning whether you are comparing like with likeThis is particularly true with regard to Punch and Judy where there are a number of part-timers, semi-professionals and party entertainers, who may not have the same levels of skill .  I expect to be booked for the quality of my work not becasue I am the cheapest available. 

Are you a trained teacher?
No. My degree is in Drama (Manchester 1980 BA Hons).  However I have spent over 30 years working with children in schools both as a performer and as a workshop leader.

Are you a member of any organisations?
Yes.  I am a member of British Unima (Union Internationale de la marionette), The British Model and Puppet Theatre Guild.  I am a member of The Punch and Judy Fellowship, and also of the very selective Punch and Judy College of Professors. I am the current chair of PuppeteersUK. I am a member of Equity.

Purveyors of fine puppetry to the known world